Thursday, June 25, 2009

US Treasury Bonds: TBT & TNX

During the lasts day, is interesting to note how the Us Treasuries were going up, although the fear to the inflation that is around the markets.

If we look at the daily chart of the 10 years US treasury Bonds yield ($UST10Y), we can see that this uptrend still very powerful.

Note that it is still inside the uptrend channel.

10 years US treasury Bonds yield (Daily chart):

10 years US treasury Bonds yield(Weekly chart):


This is the short ETF of the 10 years US treasury bonds. We could expect a bounce on the 200 SMA (Green line).

TBT compared to TNX (The 10 US treasury bond Yield):

It is interesting to watch how the ratio is changing its trend. But, in the long term, this ratio should continue downward. In the short term, TBT should outperform TNX.

TNX LONG TERM logarithmic CHART:

Important NEWS:

Treasuries Gain as Asian Stocks Fall, Fed Plans to Buy Notes


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