Saturday, February 20, 2010

S & P 500 in euro: the soft bearish side

Some people ask me why to look the S & P in euro. I think looking S&P in euro you can eliminate the effect in the charts caused by the depreciation/appreciation of the currency. I am from Argentina, and when Argentina depreciated its currency (the 'peso") in 2002, the financial markets went up because of the depreciation effect. Then, in USA, the depreciation/appreciation of the US dollar is something that have a big impact in the SP500. Looking the SP500 in euro you change the US dollar fluctuation by the euro fluctuation, and then you have another valid and original view of the index. You can find for example which % of the ups and downs (or broken resistances / supports too) are caused by the currency fluctuation, additional targets, etc.

This chart does not looks bearish, but the target of the inverted head and shoulders have been reached.


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