Thursday, July 9, 2009

POT: watchlist

Here I found POT, which is moving in an upward channel. My doubt is on the last channel that had been forming during the past two weeks. It looks like a bear flag.....
Here I attach a summary on the activities of Potash. For an accurate research of the fundamentals, I suggest visit Wikinvest.

The Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan (NYSE: POT) (TSE: POT) was the largest crop fertilizer company in the world in 2008 with $9.4 billion in sales.[1] In 2008, Potash Corporation was the world's largest potash producer and was also the world's the third largest producer of both nitrogen and phosphate.[2] These are the three primary crop nutrients essential for producing fertilizer. The company also controls the majority of the world's excess potash supply. By adjusting its production to match world demand, the company is able to maintain high prices. Also, the company benefits from operating in an industry with high barriers to entry. Potash Corporation estimates that a new entrant would have to spend at least $2.5B to get a new mine operational.

Here is the daily chart of POT. May be it is developing a H & S pattern. If this is the case, the 88 level is key.

Weekly Chart:

Daily Chart:
POT vs OIL, CRB index and S & P 500:


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