Tuesday, July 7, 2009

SPY: Medium Term Trendlines


  1. These are very good charts you have made. I want to commend you in your charting. Obviously you have acquired some talent. This use of Andrew's pitchfork is better presented here on your blog, than I have seen. I particularly like this red and green flowing wave, presented with the Andrew's pitchfork, in context of the 12 and 18 month perspectives. Very nice. The chart is just right, not too cluttered, and features the study of the Andrew pitchforks overlapping. I have found myself coming back several times to see this in the last two days.:) Captivating work you have presented there and no comments. The picture says it all.

    The wave accompaniment is a nice touch. What is that wave structure called (as you have presented it here on July 7, 2009 entree, consisting of the two charts)?

    Very good work I say again.

  2. Thank you Brewer!

    As I mentioned in the 7/07/09 post, this is one possible scenario. I suggest be open to others. If the SP500 stays below 885, this could be the next moves.

    This is one of the elliot wave counts that I am following (Afraid to trade blog):


    In a while I will post here in the comments one count until July.


  3. Brewer, here you can see others e-wave count and interesting charts:


    Good trades!



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